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“Every organization has leaders and followers.
And every leader and follower is a potential strategist.
They only need to be activated and supported.”

“Organizations should ask why they insist on
having more creatives on hand to be innovative
but fail to question if they have enough strategists on hand to be strategic.”

“Having a certain title, degree or reporting line doesn’t make you a strategist.
Just as the absence of such things doesn’t make you a non-strategist.
Strategists are known by their actions, not by their accessories.”

“Strategists are self-motivated and self-sufficient.
Strategy is not what they do. Strategy is who they are.
Since there’s no off switch to their identity, there’s no interruption to their impact.
Strategists are always on.”

“Strategists know the best way to feed the essential is to starve the non-essential.”

“Organizations would never ask employees to practice accounting
without first ensuring their training as accountants….Which begs the question:
Why do organizations ask employees to create and manage strategy
without first preparing and supporting them to be strategists?”


“Once you believe bone-deep in the strategist, you see strategy for what it is.
Not for what it claims to be.
In reality, strategy fails far more often than it succeeds.
Strategy is tired. Strategy is vain. Strategy is adrift.
Above all, strategy is overmatched for the complexities that lie ahead.”