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The Strategist

No word better captures the essence of the strategist than deliberate.

Strategists are deliberate in who they are, how they think, what they do and why they matter.

Not always right, strategists are religiously reasoned. They are intentional. They are studied. They are choiceful. And they are next-minded—always striving to anticipate what may or may not come next. Strategists make decisions before decisions make them.   

If they have a creed, it’s this: Strategists do things by design, not by default.

Strategists live by the following code:

five habits

Lead Time

Impose Clarity

Think in Questions

Push Upstream

See Around Corners

four skills

Decide Better

Message Better

Innovate Better

Coach Better

three choices

Where to Play

When to Strike

How to Win

two fixes

Make Smart Bets

Secularize Strategy

one mission

Solve for Strategists

zero doubt

Strategists First